Daisy Pink Lavender Bundle Trio Stack


Daisy Pink

Lovely handmade lavender stack of three little cushions filled to the brim with sweet smelling french lavender and tied together with ribbon.
This gorgeous little cushion set makes a lovely present to give to mum or grandma for a birthday or Christmas gift.
This beautiful scented trio is ideal to keep in your lingerie drawer or wardrobe and also is a great idea for keeping your shoes and trainers smelling sweet . If your looking to give a small pressie to a colleague at work or neighbour to thank them for looking after your house whilst away on holiday this is just the thing.
 Each pouch is handmade in our studio and filled with fragrant french lavender.
These cute little bundles are gift-wrapped in white tissue paper, ready to be wrapped with paper of your choice.
Measurements: H9.5 x W9.5cm.


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